About Little Lane Flowers

Our story

Little Lane Flowers was created with a great deal of encouragement from my husband, friends, and family. My first foray into flowers was in 2015; I was a DIY bride determined to create her own wedding arrangements, on top of planning the wedding (we had a ‘blank canvas’ venue), and working full-time. I’m quite certain most of my friends and family thought I was mad, but I’ve always been a creative person who enjoys a challenge, so thought to myself, why not give it a try?

I completed the City & Guilds training, attended lots of courses with established florists, and got to know my local flower farmers, shops, and suppliers. After creating the floral arrangements and styling for my wedding, I started to receive requests from friends and family, and then friends of friends… and so Little Lane Flowers was born.

Becoming a Florist has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Getting to meet people and offer ideas and guidance for their floral arrangements and styling, whether it be for a wedding, celebration, dinner party, event, workshop, or a simple bouquet – has been an absolute pleasure. My favourite moment is always the look on a bride’s face when I deliver her bouquet the morning of her wedding. Such a joy!

My background in the arts, publishing, and marketing has provided me with lots of skills that have helped to establish Little Lane Flowers. I’ve always been drawn to diverse and challenging roles that encourage my creatively and allow me to meet lots of people. Floristry encompasses all of these aspects, and on top of that, I get to surround myself with beautiful blooms, and work in the most stunning locations. What could be better?

If you’re looking for relaxed and natural floral arrangements for a celebration, wedding, or event, feel free to get in touch. I’d love to help!

Kate x

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